Nancy- flood update + Arkansas ?

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Nancy- flood update + Arkansas ?

I'm behind on the boards I know but while our internet is working (for the moment) wanted to update.

All county schools around us are closed. 16 inches of rain in Nashville as of noon today!!! There 8 confirmed deaths thus far but I look for that number to increase as there are many people with unaccounted family members. Nashville is declared federal diaster.

DH and I are fine other than the dogs won't waid in the backyard to potty! We have standing water all over the yard but no real threat for flooding the house.

Say a prayer if you get a minute. There are MANY rescue workers and volunteers out pulling people from homes and the rain has not let up one bit all day. The pics on the news look as much like Katrina as I can remember. We have never had floods like this in Middle TN.

Also, Sadie is in Arkansas right? I've been praying for her and the people in that state after the tornadoes ripped through. Anybody heard from her? I don't know for sure thats where she is but I think.

I'll try to check back in a bit and read whats going on. Our internet and cable has been off and on for 2 days with the storms. Hope you girls had fun on National Scrap Day!

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Thanks for updating Kelly! I have been following everything going on down there as much as I could. I know that Rutherford County was getting a bit more tonight so I hope the night is smooth for ya and you don't encounter any damage.

Sadie- I hope all is well!

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I will add you guys and SAdie to my prayers about this. I can't even imagine. :bigarmhug:

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It's so hard to believe that you are only a couple of hours west of us because we've gotten rain, but not to the level of devestation that you all have. I'll say a prayer for you guys.

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Oh my goodness, how terrible. I hope the rain lets up soon and you continue to stay safe.

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Posts: 6242 ladies are the best! We are fine here. The tornados were about 2 hours east of us. It was bad, I know that much. We were told it was coming right for us, I hate spring, but it didn't. Thanks so much for thinking of me. I am praying for all the others.

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Glad to hear you are ok and safe. Praying for those around you.

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Wow! How scary! Glad you are all ok!!!

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Kelly, I sure hope the waters recede quickly. I can't believe how bad it is!!!

Sadie, sure glad that the tornadoes weren't near you. We've had tornado warnings here, and that's some scary stuff!

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Saying a prayer for all those affected! Be safe girls!! That's so sad and scary. Sad