nanny funny (totally ot)

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nanny funny (totally ot)

I meant to post this yesterday...the little guy I nanny is so sweet and is always making me laugh .....well almost 3 year old's start getting cheeky but I still laughed my a$$ off (just not so he could see or hear)...
So the little monkey was doing his "business" on the toilet and I called in and said "please remember to wipe your bum properly buddy!" He calls back "okay Karen!" (in a sweet voice) and then I hear him mumble quietly "crazy lady...always telling me what to do...." LMAO I was in the next room and pmsl.

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ROFL OMG! Tooooo funny!

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yeah he's so great! He's so sweet (apart from that apparently lol) and comes up with such funny of the first things that cracked me up when I first started working there last year was when I gave him a plain side salad with his lunch...he goes "Karen you forgot to get my salad dressed!!" LOL

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that is a RIOT!

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ROFL I so needed that! TFS! Sounds like one sweet kid! Wink

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Oh my! That is so funny. I like the salad dressed story too! Lol

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Oh my gosh! LOL That's hilarious!!!

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ROFL Kids do say the darndest things don't they? That was so cute and funny!

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Too funny!!

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LMBO! That is just too funny.


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"salad dressed" Lol :lol: Lol !!!!

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LMAO. Karen, serioulsy I cannot stop laughing.

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what a funny little dude! I love the stuff that kids say sometimes ROFL

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I think when I have my own kiddos I will keep a book of all the hilarious things they say. My nephew Tyler for instance (who's 12 now but was 4 or 5 at the time) asked me one day after church "Auntie Karen does God wear Nikes?" I tried to keep a straight face and asked why....he said "well cuz God knows everything right?" I nodded. "Well if God knows everything" he says "he would know that Nikes are THE COOLEST shoes around. I bet he wears 'em" LOL

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LOL! That is sooo freakin funny! I just love kids for reasons like this!

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That is too funny!

I have a book of "cute quotes" for Brooklyn. I never did get one made for the boys but i have all the funny things they have said written down a piece of paper along with the date that they said it and it is stuck in with their baby book/first year calender stuff. Brooklyn has said some really funny things!