Natalie's 2nd birthday

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Natalie's 2nd birthday

Finally got this layout done ... but it's not even two months later so I'm pleased with my turnaround. Wink

I feel like it's missing something, but I can't put my finger on what. So I guess I'm calling it done. Had fun with the gemstone embellishments. Most of the embellishments came from the packs I bought at Tuesday Morning on Friday. sweet!

The journaling (which I wish I had done in a larger font, but too late now really).

Happy 2nd Birthday Natalie!

You had a great 2nd birthday. You opened your crown first, and willingly wore it most of the day. You truly were a little princess. You really loved your cake (with its bright pink and purple icing). You got a brand new baby doll that you love to mommy. And you really loved the fruit strips that I wrapped as a gift for you. You ate half the box! You certainly enjoyed your special day.

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C.U.T.E! I love the way you have the 3 photos going down the side on the first one. Your crown looks great! TFS!

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Very cute, what a cute little princess. I think you did a great job!!!

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Awww, very cute. The gemstones turned out great. You made quick use of your new stuff Smile

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Adorable! She is such a doll Biggrin

Nice turnaround time, mama!

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I love the jewels!!!! So princessy! Good for you doing is so quick too. I also love the big "2". I'm going to do that on Kayson's 2nd birthday LO. Smile

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Cute pages! I love how girlie it is!

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thats cute
I really like the paper and flowers