Natalie's birthday gifts

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Natalie's birthday gifts

So you might remember the Christmas bags I sewed for wrapping gifts ... well, I'm doing the same for birthdays. I sewed five bags for Natalie's birthday, and I have a TON of fabric to sew more. I need to sew a couple for DH's gifts before he comes home next week. Wink Anyhow, I thought I'd share a picture of Natalie's "wrapped" gifts along with her card from her birthday this past Tuesday. She had no problem opening the bags either, I didn't tie them too tight. I'm glad the kids still think it's neat.

oh, and what's funny is the fabric with the green stripes is Easter fabric. I didn't realize that when I bought it - I just liked the colors and the sparkles in the fabric. But Easter eggs on birthday bags won't hurt anyone. Wink

nat gifts

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Darling card Gwen, and cute bags! I agree, they are awesome!!

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those are adorable! I think I missed the Christmas bags.

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Love the bags! the card is super cute!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE your picture in your siggy. Way to cute, and great idea.

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I love your siggy pic too...I was gonna start a thread just about that, but I'll just comment here instead. Wink

And your gift bag idea rocks. you could even use those as the kid's Easter "baskets"!

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Those bags are beautiful!! So neat to see your card sitting there too. Hope she had a great bday. Smile

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love the bags! And great card too! Biggrin

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Those bags are way cool! Love the card too!