Naughty Coupon Book

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Naughty Coupon Book

Hello friends! Biggrin I made this "Naughty Coupon Book" for my friend's friend. It was a bachelorette party gift! Wink

Cartridges Used: Storybook, Opposites Attract, Accent Essentials, ZooBalloo, Doodlecharms, Alphalicious, Plantin Schoolbook, Jasmine (Raindrops on Shower coupon), George, My World (Cell phones) and Paper Doll Dress-Up,

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Now that is what i call a great gift. Smile Very cute.

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A very fun idea!

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What a great idea lol! Welcome to the sb board!

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Wow!!! THat is so cool!! TFS

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what a fun idea!

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that is really cute!

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That's the perfect bachelorette gift! Smile

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Great gift!!!

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oh my gosh!! i totally love that!! you are so creative my dear!

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Totally awesome...going in the lift folder Smile

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That is so neat, love all your 'suggestions'