Need Advice!!

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Need Advice!!

If you were going to sell off your scrapbooking supplies, where would you do it?

Money is just getting too tight and sans finding a good paying job the only other thing I can do is sell off my supplies in hopes of getting some money. So what suggestions do you have?

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Maybe try here first. Then move onto ebay I guess. Try craigslist too. If you live in a big city, some ppl might be willing to pick it up rather than pay shipping. HTH! I totally understand where you are coming from. Sorry you have to sell your stuff. This has been a super rough winter for us too.

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I sold 90% of mine thru the facebook local buy & sell groups. I grouped them into like categories, put a price on them and met the people at the mall (all of them at one time) to collect the money
and hand out the goods (saves on shipping!) I hope your situation improves quickly! :bigarmhug:

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I would say craigslist. I had good luck selling my cricut on there...I have seen other listings on there that are people selling there things in a big lot of supplies, etc.

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:bigarmhug: Sorry things are so tight. Sad

Craigslist if you have one would be where I would sell.

Good luck!

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i say craigslist too. i think EVERYONE looks at craigslist these days. sorry you have to sell all your stuff Sad

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I would do craigslist as well. Be specific in your ad though. If you have a firm price, say that flat out because you will get emails trying to talk you down. I love checking out craigslist for scrapbook items.

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craiglist and message boards

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Looks like you've gotten some good suggestions, I just wanted to say good luck! I hope your stuff sells quickly.

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Thanks ladies, i went through all of my scrap stuff and decided to get rid of the stuff that I have not used or that I know I will not use first. I am going to start to list them on craigslist today and see what comes of it.

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Good luck Missy!!

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Good luck!
I went through a bunch of my stuff and have some things I want to sell too. Our craigslist has been pretty slow lately, but we'll see what happens.

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Good luck! I sold some of my stuff on craigslist but still have a lot that didn't sell. Need to relist one of these days.