Need another title

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Need another title

I was thinking "No grown ups allowed" but I'm not sure.


No thats not me. Thats my cousin Beth, better known as Boog.

I also kind of like the title, "only with family"

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I don't know, but that photo is too cute not to scrap! I'll try to brainstorm for you.

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I also like "DOuble Trouble" or "Horsin' Around" ...but your original thoughts are just as good. Any would work Biggrin

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I'll have to think on that one.....

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I love that pic! What a fun one to scrapbook! Let me see if anything pops into my head.

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I'm not good with titles, but cute pic!

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I like...

or AH, AH, AH, AH,
like the raindrop song...

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Neener neener neener? Smile

I have no idea, but it's a super cute pic!