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    My mom is retiring at the end of the year and has expressed an interest in starting a scrapbooking hobby. I've already purchased some supplies for Christmas presents. Mostly some paper products and rubber stamps. I really wanted to purchase her some cutting tools but didn't know what was a gimmick and what was essential. And if possible, is there a manufacturer that packages multiple items together?

    I'm looking at purchasing between 3-5 items in total. Unless y'all tell me something I'm not expecting. And price isn't so much a factor because I don't have to buy them all at once. And I can shop around for some deals (hopefully after Christmas sales!)

    I really appreciate your input. TIA.

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    A paper trimmer/cutter is a must in my opinion! This is sweet of you to do! Let's see.....if she doesn't have an eyelet setter set, Walmart sells a set of three (I can't think of the brand) that would make a great gift.
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    Great scissors are a must too - I have a pair from Creative Memories that I can't live without, but Cutterbee (I think that's what it's called) also makes a great pair.

    And a good adhesive is a must - I'm a fan of the runners, but it eventually becomes a matter of personal taste (as some like glue sticks, others like dots, etc - I'm just a runner girl, so easy!)
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