need help with a hard project-

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need help with a hard project-

I know some of you have done pages (or something along those lines) that had a loved one who had passed in it. My cousin just lost his dad. He is going through a rough time b/c it was very unexpected. My mom gave me the idea of making a page for my cousin.

She was thinking I could put a photo of my cousin and I and put-

"Because of you"

I grew up with Eli.
I met your family in CA.
I was able to visit CA.
I rode horses.

Or something like that. That's not exactly what I am going to put, but you get the point.

Does anyone have any advice? Or can you share some pics of what you have done? I have a few days to think of something and I think it would mean a lot to me to give this to Eli in remembrance of his dad. I wasn't too close to his dad, but I do have fond memories of him when I was young.

Thanks in advance!

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Just a question to clarify ...

You want to do a LO of you and your cousin, right? Are you trying to do a page of remembrances/blessings of knowing your cousin? Will it have anything to do with his dad?

If I've got the idea right, then perhaps start with a title that reflects something like "the blessings of knowing you ... I got to meet your family in CA, grow up with Eli, etc"

Good luck!

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The only pages like this that I have done are for someone I personally was close to. I'll try to take some pictures and post them for you. Maybe they'll give you some ideas.