Need help with a layout, please!

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Need help with a layout, please!

I can't decide if this is done or not - nothing I add to it seems right to me, but there's so few elements on it other than the alpha, matte and photo ... It's for the Travel challenge.


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I think it's great! I think you are just so used to adding so much color in your lo's that to you it may seem as it is missing something. It is perfect for the pic. If you did want to add color you could make the brackets lime green to pick up the green hues in the pic but I really do think it is great the way it is.

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I'm used to scrapbooking nuetral tones more and I think it's perfect...doesn't need any color to me. It's very nice! I love the outside edge journaling and your title.

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My only question is, are the staples supposed to look like they're holding the letters on? If so, not all the letters are stapled. That's the ONLY thing that seemed odd about this picture to me. I think Tia is right, your layouts are usually more vibrant and you add more embellishment wise, while only taking up the focus of a small part of the page. This is different for you, but it's still NICE!

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I like this! Smile Its really nice and clean. I dont think it is missing anything at all.

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Nice and clean. I like it.

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I personally like it just the way it is.

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I'm with the PP who said it's so against your norm it probably seems odd to you, but I too like it how it is. I remember going there!!! A cool place.