Need help!!! (and other questions, updates etc)

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Need help!!! (and other questions, updates etc)

So sorry ladies that I haven't been posting/commenting much lately. Things have been so hectic these past few months and it appears that it just won't stop anytime soon.

But anyway.... we went on the Polar Express train on sunday in a town about 15 minutes away. DS is really into the whole book/movie thing and it was an amazing experience for him. So anyway I took about a bizillion photos and want to scrapbook it for him. that as well. So here's my problem.... i've searched the internet and can't seem to find any Polar Express scrapbooking paper or embellishments......
Have any of you come across any either online or in a store? I can't believe with the movie/book being so popular that there wouldn't be anything. If i can't find any specific polar express ones should I just try to find generic train brads things like that?? any ideas for what I could use for patterned paper? or should I just bag the patterned paper?? PLEASE HELP!!!

Also for those of you that have made the exploding boxes.... approximately how long do you think those take to make? MIL (and sils) requested photo type gifts for christmas and/or gift cards and since money is on the really tight side i'd prefer to do the photo gift thing & maybe a smaller gift card(see update after this).

ok on to update on us..... don't know whether i said anything or not but we finally found a house we liked and actually got the bid accepted etc so now we are homeowners!!! Yay!!! however it's a little more work than dh originally thought so it will most likely be almost christmas before we are in it (but better late than never). we'll still have work to do on it after we move in but that's okay other than that i've been busy with the two kids and although i have all my sb-ing stuff organized and enough room i haven't done much at all Sad I've actually had a ton of free photobook codes on shutterfly etc and have been using those to get some things scrapbooked. I've had the kids alot by myself since dh is working on the house alot and looking for a bigger car for us etc.

Anyway I know you all have been wanting to see pictures of Catharine (and recent ones of Andrew too).....I uploaded a ton to my shutterfly photo site. so if you'd like to see them send me a msg on here or fb and i'll send u the link and password.

Hope everything is going well with you all and you are having a wonderful holiday season. Miss u all and hope to spend more time on the board in 2010!!!

(if u don't have me on fb just msg me)

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Could you layer some Christmas/Winter paper with a train page. I am picturing snowflakes with a big train on the bottom, IDK though, just a thought.

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I bet that train ride was a BLAST! My three year old LOVES that movie and would love that train ride. How fun!! I am not any help on the pattern paper sorry.

I am glad to hear you are getting into a home..that is great news. I hope life settles a bit for you soon. Thanks for updating us.

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I have no idea how I missed this! Thanks for the update, the train ride sounds need! Can't help with your question, but the exploding boxes take maybe 45 min. if you have everything you need (pictures the right size and everything). I'm not a paper scrapper though so it may have taken me a bit longer!

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I missed this too. :/ Sorry Brittany!

The Polar Express train ride sounds so fun! I'd love to take K on it....he'd LOVE it! I can't wait to see what you come up with. You could always just use a train and create snow or something??