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Need input

Okay, I'm working on this LO. The open area on the right will be text but the upper left hand corner is so plain to me. There will be some light purple stickles in each bump on the bottom and top but even with that in mind, it still seems boring! What should I put in that area?


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I personally do not mind a little blank space every now and then. I think it will be just fine the way it is.

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I think it looks great that way!

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I think showing a little more purple background would actually be good for the page. It'll tie in the other purple accents well.

If you want something to minimize that space, you could add a short piece of that ribbon across the top edge of the picture to kinda frame it in.

Can't wait to see the final page!

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Do you have any purple or tan flowers? I would put one larger flower or three smaller flowers grouped if you think it needs something up there. Or a photo corner would tie it all together. I can't to see the finished product with the journaling. I love your lace!

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I like the lace, that really makes the page special. I don't think you should cover up too much of that top left background. Maybe an accent like a flower would be good, but don't fill too much of the space or you won't have enough purple.

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Wow, what a beautiful LO Meg. I agree with Charys..I was going to suggest like a flower or same type embellishment. But I also agree with others that it's also great just like it is.

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Im not sure what it needs but Im with you and feel like its missing something. Love the LO! Very Grandma/Aunt ish Wink

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I think it looks great too.
I thought maybe a piece of the cream behind the bumps at teh top wpuld make it pop a little... in the phot the puple and brown kind run together and that make the space look larger than it is, if you slid just a tiny strip of beige between the purple and brown it would stand out a little more maybe...
Was that clear to anyone...???? cause now i think i am confused!

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I would put maybe a flower or a smaller (thinner) piece of lace there, tucked behind the photo.