Need input....which one should I use?

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Need input....which one should I use?

I made 2 versions of the same card, which one do you like better. I'm torn as usual.

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i would use the 1st one with the snowflakes background. Biggrin

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I like them both, but I think I would go with the snowflakes. Mainly because the 2nd background stands out more and I would be afraid it might distract more from the pictures.

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I love them both too but maybe the first for Christmas pics...

The R and the I are backwards though in Christmas. Not sure if you noticed already

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I really like them both but I agree that the first background is less distracting and you can see the snowman, trees, ect better.

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1st one. Smile

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1st one.
They are both adorable though:)

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I agree with everyone else. If you want to use the second, I would make sure you frame the pics to make them pop out against the background.

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1st one!

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First one! Wink

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I agree that the first one with the snowflakes background is my fave Smile

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first one for sure.

both are super cute!

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both are great but the first is my favourite too

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First for me too! But they are both super cute!

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i like the snowflakes one as well.... as PP said the background is less of a distraction. they are both adorable though