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Need layout advice

I did some scrapbooking today. One layout is for the phone tag, so you can't see it. Wink I hope to start the new thread for that tomorrow.

But here's my layout for the brown theme challenge. It's missing something, probably journaling, but I'm not sure how to journal on such busy paper. Do you think it's okay as it is?


cool date stamp Wink


And then what do you think of this paper with this picture? Too girly or is it okay? Andrew thought it went really well together, and I like the colors. Just worried about the flowers.


I can't decide which picture to use for today's project 365 image. Wink I think I prefer the one without me. But thought I'd share them both for kicks. Today is "me Monday" so the picture is about me.

jan 25


I have to catch up on replies to other threads tomorrow. Sorry to post and run, but it has to be done. Wink

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1. Do you have a brown pen that matches the ink you used for the stamp? I would think you'd be able to journal on the leaves in that color that would still make it readable. Otherwise you can get coordinating cardstock and make a tag to journal on the top left. I love what you have so far!

2. Nope, not too girly! (speaking as one who just scrapped her son with flowers yesterday, haha!) I would go for it!

3. I agree, use the second pic. I love seeing all the pics that you sort through while figuring out what layout to make. The pics on the wall and the organized mess aspect that really defines you. Wink

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I love it as is and completely adore the papers and title. Maybe a tag if you need it. I think the flowers are fine. I used a lot of flowers on a layout I did this weekend with the boys. (Maybe I'll post it one day.) And I like the pic without you in it because you get a better view of what you are doing.

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Love how the first page turned out. If you wanted to journal, you could add a brown journaling tag.

Yes, like the paper Smile

I think I prefer the second picture too, but either is good.

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I don't think the paper is too girly but my dh would. :dontknow:

I like the second picture in the 365 project for the reasons that the pps stated (can see more of the creative process!) -

And I think some journaling would be good on the second page, but it is also very cute as-is. I love the scrabble letters!

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I love the LO as it is too, but can see a tag or brown cs matted journaling on the patterned leaves. It's really nice as is though.

I think the PP for Jack is fine, I've also used flowers, and pink on Austin's LOs. Smile

I like the close up shot personally, with you in it. Really lets people see what you are doing.

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Could you add a layer or solid paper under your title and journal there? I think the paper is fine with Jacks pic. Smile And as for which pic I REALLY like the first one with your hands. It's so artsy!! What a neat picture!!!

Do you have daily themes for your project 365? Could you share them???

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LOVE the first LO! Way to capture that day! I personally am not fond of the paper, but that's just me. I am the odd ball, so I say go with everyone else! I'm usually wrong anyways! Smile As for the "me pic" I choose the first one. I think it's more about "you".

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"jd6405" wrote:

Could you add a layer or solid paper under your title and journal there? !

It's already stuck down, so I can't add anything under it.

I do like the idea of the tag ... if I have the energy to journal, I'll do that. Wink I am not sure I took notes on that day, I like to have my words of the day when I write, if that makes sense. I'm so behind on my kids' journals!

"jd6405" wrote:

Do you have daily themes for your project 365? Could you share them???

The only theme day I have is Monday. The rest is a free for all. If you (or anyone else) wants to see my other pictures, here is the blog link (I only update once a week though).

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First LO -- how about journaling on some vellum? With a brown font?

Second LO -- by the time you add a matt to that picture, you won't notice the flowers as much. I say go for it!

Picture -- I actually like the one with you in it. But I'm usually the oddball on these sorts of things! LOL

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I really really love that fall layout! wtg!

I don't think the paper is too girly for Jack because the flowers are more boyish, he's so young. I would use different paper on an older boy but not a baby Smile

And for the pics I like the first but they both work Smile

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That first layout is really fab! Love your scrabble tiles!

And no, that paper is not to girly, atleast to me at all! but you know that I use lots of "girly" papers when I scrap for Kayson. Whatever made us think boys don't like flowers anyways?? Is it some twisted thinking that if a boy appreciates things like flowers he's somehow feminine? LOL, guess that's kindof harsh, but I love when I see boys young enough to appreciate flowers and not feel embarrassed by what society thinks. Kayson loves running up to a flower and sniffing it. I'll be sad when he's too embarrased to do so anymore. LOL, stepping off my soapbox now.

I would've like to see you IN the second pic, because I love that one much better. It shows a bigger view of "you".

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I'm on my way out the door so not much time for posting but had to say I LOVE, love, love, love that second photo - your composition, processing, everything about it.

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You've had lots of great ideas, I just wanted to say I love everything, especially the photos! The brown page is great, and I think the paper is fine, they're not 'girlie' flowers, iykwim?