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Need opinions!

I just made this for Mason's baby announcement. What do you think? I know it is not nearly as creative as many really cute ones I saw when searching on google, but I just don't have time to attempt to be that creative! He is already 5 weeks old and I would like to have them in next week so that I can hand out to family when I see them July 4th.

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personally, I LOVE IT!!! Love the color combo u chose. Simple is sometimes so much better than some of the really complex ones u can find online.

Great job and tfs

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very cute! you probably should add a drop shadow on the plane ... and can I suggest that you tilt it so it looks like it's flying up?

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I love it. The pic is just beautiful!

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Kalee I think it rocks...the simplicity of it works cuz it's so clean cut and bold...It's perfect!

that's so funny you said tilt it Gwen cuz I was just thinking before reading that how cute it looked going the direction it was, like Mason was coming in for landing. lol

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Thanks everyone! I did not think about putting a drop shadow on the plane, but I will definitely add that!

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I LOVE IT! That picture of Mason is just lovely!

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I think it's GREAT! I love the colors and the picture of Mason is adorable!

I like Gwen's suggestions. The wonder of digital is that you can change it as many times as you want and try stuff out. Smile

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It is great. Cute picture.

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Very cute picture, and other than the drop shadow already suggested, it's perfect! Smile

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I think it's perfect! Quit stressing girl!! Smile

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I think it is perfect!

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Thanks everyone! I added the drop shadow and I changed the font color to a cream, and I liked it a lot better with the cream font color. Finally got them ordered!

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Simply adorable!!! I'm very partial to the plane, so it's perfect to me. Smile