Need opinions on LO

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Need opinions on LO

I totally can't decide if I like this LO! The only things I'm sold on are the wordart and the large picture. What would YOU ladies do? What would you change, keep, add? Help! Please!

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Keep - border, hanging photo ... can you add a similar frame/ribbon to the larger photo to tie them together?

Also, what if you changed the word Nonsense to a different color? (White maybe? Or change the background to a lighter color and make that and the border around the bigger picture red? just ideas, not sure how it would look).

You could also move everything to the right, put the smaller photo hanging off the bigger one on the left - closer to the big picture I mean ... clear as mud? Smile Just suggestions, can't wait to see what you do with it (if anything).

Cute photos - and perfect quote, btw Smile

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I love it!!! Totally lifting it.

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love the title/quote!

Think the pictures should be closet together.

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I love the tital and the hanging photo. I agree with the others with putting them closer together. I think maybe a lighter color background. The deep red makes the smaller black font a little hard to read, but that could just be my OLd eyes!! LOL