Need some advice....

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Need some advice....

Hi ladies -
I don't post on here....I would love to do more scrapbook stuff but just can't find the time. Anyways, I am here in another state for my grandma's funeral. My cousin asked me to help with a memory board for the funeral.
I don't know where to start and thought maybe you could give me some ideas. There were 10 kids.....27 grandkids, 58 great-grandkids, 9 great-great grandkids. So trying to include everyone will be a challenge. Maybe 5 poster boards and use half for one family, half for the other. I don't know....I need ideas.
My cousin has tons and tons of scrapbooking stuff. She has everything and just doesn't do it.
TIA ladies........

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If you are trying to get everyone on there it might be a little difficult. I think I would focus on pictures of your grandmother and find as many pictures as you can with her and the family. It could be group shots or just her and another person. You might not get everyone but you can try your best. Good Luck/

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Yes, I think group shots are the way to go, but focusing on her. You may not get everyone, but no one should/would get their feelings hurt I'm sure. I would make sure every pic included her atleast, since the memory board is about her.

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I don't think you have will have enough time to include everyone in your family. I would stick with pics of your grandma throughout her life. Maybe a trifold presentation board but nothing bigger than that.

I am sorry for your loss.

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Nothing else to add except I too am sorry for your loss.

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You've gotten some great advice Laurene. Good luck in making the boards... and I'm glad you came to visit us at the scrapbooking board!

(Laurene is one of us fabulous Feb '08ers.) Wink

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I am sorry for your loss. I second what the other girls said to make it about her.

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Hi Laurene! *waves*

I think you should focus more on her than everyone else, it's too hard to get everyone in. I hope you like how it turns out!

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So sorry for your loss. When my grandpa died over 10 yrs ago now, we did some memory boards too. I think we kept it pretty simple... black background and just matted a few special pics here and there. We had one board that was mostly just him, or him with my grandma. Then we had two others I think, that just had a lot of family pictures with him... group shots, some professional, and some just random fave pics of him with different family and dear friends.

I have such wonderful memories of putting those boards together. Family from out-of-state stayed with us and we stayed up way too late working on the boards, and talking about the special memories we all had. We laughed til we cried, and cried til we laughed.
Anyway, I hope it is as theraputic for you as it was for me. I still smile when I think about it. That's the main reason I posted (since I'm such a bad lurker around here!)

Wishing you peace,

PS... just thought of something... if you want to include all the family somehow, maybe just list the names of the children, grandchildren, etc... Maybe separate them, like have a box that says: "Loving Mother to... (list names)," and then another box: "Dear Grandmother to... (list names)," etc...

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I have nothing to add but haven't even lurked on the feb board lately and didn't know so I wanted to say how sorry I am am to hear of your loss ((hugs)) Laurene, good luck with the boards.