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Need some encouragement

So, I entered a contest on I really liked my week 1 design but I only got 1 point (scores were from 1 to 9) for it. (and I have a good feeling I know where that one came from, and I thank you.) I made my week 2 layout before I saw the scores. Now I am second guessing all of my work and wondering if anything I do is any good... this is exactly why I had second thoughts about entering this contest in the first place. Anyway, I'm trying to decide if I want to stay in the contest at all at this point. And wondering if I want to continue this hobby at all at this point. I mean, I think some of my stuff is pretty good - maybe not genious or anything, but at least mediocre. Not a "1". Oh, why am I letting myself get so worked up over this? I'm seriously near tears. Stupid AF hormones. That's what I'm going to blame it on, anyway. Sad

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((hugs)) Maybe you just need to take a step away from contests for a bit if it has you this upset because your work is great and remember that ultimately you are doing it for yourself and for your girls. This is the reason I don't usually submit layouts for contests or design teams or anything like that. I have a hard time with the letdown of it when I don't do well enough. Trust me, your work is great!

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I really liked both of them! Please do not give up scrapbooking! You are a great scrapbooker. (is that even a word) Even if you decide to step out of the contest, which I don't think you should, I wouldn't quit.

You are great at what you do and please don't doubt that. I love seeing your work. It gives me inspiration for when I want to scrap:)

Hope you feel better.

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I agree with mostly do this for yourself and your family, so make LOs that YOU love and that make you happy.

That said, don't take down the 2nd LO unless you are really going to stress. It is great! Maybe the first week, there just weren't enough people who "connected" with that LO and so it didn't get as many votes??? (I am not really sure how the scoring sorry if that is incorrect) Don't let OTHER people's opinions of this ONE LO get you down :bigarmhug:

You are a talented scrapper, and I know many ladies (myself included) around here are inspired by your work. Keep up the great work, and don't let one incident get you down!

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Thanks ladies. On my drive home from work, I thought about how silly I was being about the whole thing and gave myself a little pep talk. I think I am going to take a look at some of the higher rated layouts and see if maybe there is a certain style they are looking for or something. I'm also going to ask for some C&C. Maybe if I get some feedback I can get a better idea of how they are scoring them. It's been somewhat vague. I have suspicions that it is the current designers and site CT just "voting" for the ones they like. If that's the case, then I will take it all with a grain of salt since I am not a "regular" poster there.

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I personally have seen a bunch of cute stuff that you have posted. You definitely shouldn't give up scrapping, IMO! I like both LO. I think if anything, the only reason you got a 1 is b/c the bulk of the LO is journaling. I totally understand why you did... thats the point of resolutions, to state them. I don't check on that board, so I'm not sure what everyone else had, but maybe they had more picture heavy LO's. I don't know, I'm just rambling!

Hoenstly, if you are proud of your work, show it off. Doesn't really matter what a voter gives it, as long as its special to you.

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I am glad that after you had a chance to think about it you decided to stick with the hobby. Your stuff is good and you should not be second guessing yourself. You just have to decide who you are scrapping for. I know the feelings you had are some of the same reasons I do not submit a lot. I know that if my style is not what they are looking for then they will reject me. I just came to remember that i scrap for myself and my family. if they like it, that is all that matters to me.

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I have won only one contest (that I can even think of) outside of and that was only because there were like 3 people entering. Blum 3 And I've entered LOTS of contests at TwoPeas, Cricut MB, Bitten by the Bug, etc. I don't let things like that get me down, because my #1 reason for scrapbooking is MY FAMILY. It's fun to put myself up to a challenge, knowing I most likely won't win, but it helps me get better.

Please don't let that get you down!! And please, please please don't give up on scrapbookiing! You do a great job with a unique style and your daughters will have something priceless waiting for them when they are mothers themselves. Plus (and this is a selfish request) we love to see your work. Biggrin

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ditto what everyone else said!

You need to remember that you scrap because you enjoy it and because it captures memories special to you and your family!

Keep scrapping and inspiring us!

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Okay, I almost want to delete my message now. I feel so silly about it all. So sorry... I was in whiney mode and I totally blame AF!

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Second what everyone else said. HUGS Carrie! We all have days girl.

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The vote wasn't from me Smile I asked to be opted out of voting for you (and 2 others) because I know you.

This is how the voting works, just so you understand it - all the current CT members got a PM with a list of 9 people to vote for- all we did was put them in order of 1-9 on how we thought they'd fit in on the team using only the supplies given. So I guess they gave 9 points to the first person and 1 point to the last one? So it's not saying you're a terrible scrapper, but it could just be that the other 8 people they were given they thought the layout would fit better within the team (if that makes sense at all?). All of the layouts I was given were all over the board in terms of style, but some of the girls it looked like got some really tough choices, and picking between 2 layouts is really hard sometimes!

I don't think you should give up at all - I think if you approach it like you're getting pages done, anything more than that is a bonus, then that's great! You're a good scrapper, and your style is your own, don't worry about anyone else!

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hey Carrie! I totally get the AF hormonal feelings and second guessing. You're already reassured, but I'll add my two cents. I like both layouts, and the first one actually is one that is inspiring me (but I have yet to follow through with it :lol:)

You scrapbook for YOU ... don't stress over the contests, okay?

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I think I need to stick to "challenges" and leave the "contests" to people with thicker skin. Wink

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No, don't worry about deleting your post. We ALL go through days like this. Some days I question nearly everything I do. It helps to have the encouragement.

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"Princess Leia" wrote:

I think I need to stick to "challenges" and leave the "contests" to people with thicker skin. Wink

This is so true for my husband and his model making. He does a great job and really good work, but when he starts comparing his stuff too much, or loses at a contest, it really makes him question his worth in modeling. He actually stopped making models after the 3rd or 4th challenge he bombed (especially when 2 of them were some of his best works ever). He's now making map type models, but I'd love to see him get inspired and start making buildings again because he really enjoyed it.

FWIW, I really like your work.

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