Need some ideas!

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Need some ideas!

My Nanny is turning 80 in October. My aunt's plan is for us all to get her 80 of something. I want to do something creative, that no one else would come up with, but I can't think of anything really.

I thought about possibly making her 80 cards, like Christmas/thank you/birthday cards or something, but I'm not sure I can get that done by her birthday which is October 21.

Any other ideas?

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When my grandma turned eighty, my cousin and his wife gave her a really cute gift (because really most 80 year olds do not need many "things" iykwim!). I can't remember exactly how they worded it, but it was their 80 favorite things about her, or the 80 best words that describe her or something like that. I thought it was super thoughtful and I could tell it was really special to her. I know that's not actually giving 80 "things" though, so I'll keep thinking! Smile

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How about 80 lotto tickets ROFL I would love that!!

I like pp idea about the 80 things about her. could you giver her a scrapbook with 80 places for pages to go (like 40 sheet protectors) and then you could continue to give her pages over the next few months...that way you would have more time???

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mini-cards would be good because they wouldn't take up so much paper/time.

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It is true that 80 year olds don't need a whole lot. lol....the first thing that popped into my head was 80 little note cards (like credit card size) with little inspirational quotes on them. You could even back them with decorative scrap paper so they look nicer. I gave my Grandma something similar years ago and she would read one every morning with her morning devotional Smile