Need Title Suggestions....

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Need Title Suggestions....

Ok -- I was going to do Happy Girl but I don't like the way it makes the page look. so I took it off. ETA: Need for just first LO you see, 2nd LO is bonus.

Do you all have any suggestions for a title on this page.... It is not a 4th of July theme. This was taken back in February and it's just the colors that were in the blanket. the journaling is just a list of her new skills (clapping hands, new words, remastered rolling, 1st tooth, etc....)

And a bonus one - -I have been working on this one for awhile. I was trying to find pictures of the foods to put on the front and now I'm just about done. It's actually a 2 page LO and a total of her first 12 foods and her reactions to them. I need to put in the title yet, but I think it turned out really cute.

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Do you need to put a title on the 1st one? you could put some cute embelishments and it would be perfect! Or a few poems. I dont do titles on all mine, it gets boring after a while for me.

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Wow, I LOVE the second layout!! That's so creative!

As for the title for the first, I'm not all that creative... :oops: But maybe something like "Ready or not, here I grow!" ?

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OK some quick things popping in my head-
"Quilted in love"
"Blanketed In Love"
"Your Smile Keeps Winter Days Warm"

? Also, I LOVE the last one too!!! Those lift the flaps are so cute! (Talking to myself: Dont redo their baby books...don't redo the baby books... don't redo the baby books...)

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I don't have any title ideas, but I gotta tell you, I LOVE that first foods layout! what a clever idea!!!!

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"Smile, it makes people wonder what you've been up to" Lol
"nothing on earth can make life more worthwhile than the sunchine and warmth of a beautiful Smile"
"a smile costs nothing but gives much"
"everyone smiles in the same language"
"a day full of smiles is the very best kind of day"
"miles of smiles"
let us know what you chose!

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Thanks about the 2nd LO. I can't take credit for the design. My SIL found the design online and sent it to me for so I could do a year in summary for Kira. but I liked it better for first foods.

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Her Smiling page is darling! But I am just so impressed with the baby foods page!!! OMG! That is the best!
Oh and I am horrible with trying to come up with titles too. Maybe leave it without a title, since it doesn't really look like it needs one??

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ya what they said--hehehe--(I'm bad with titles)

I love both lo but that second one is just way to cute!! how creative