Need to vent...

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Need to vent...

Sad I have a lovely page on my scrapping program that I was jsut about to put finishing touches on and my program has FROZEN and I can't get it BACK! OMG!!! I am going to cry if I lose the layout!! Grrr....

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OMG, the same thing happened to me with my latest LO. The proggie froze and I wasn't able to update what was saved. I had to start over TWICE. I was so frustrated with all the time I had already put in! I think there's a quirk in my proggie when I use shaped text. Had no problem the third time because I didn't use shaped text round three. Hope you're in a better situation! I feel for ya!

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Grr... it didn't come back so I started it again and it froze AGAIN! Doesn't seem to like the image I am trying to use! Going to reboot my computer and see if that makes a difference.

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What program do you use? I hope the reboot works!

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That's sooooo frustrating!!! That has happened to me quite a few times with Photoshop on my Mac. I get so involved in what I'm doing that I open WAY too many files to play with and end up crashing the whole thing.

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ah that sucks! I lost something I was working on earlier too, it must be the day for it.

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that used to happen to me all of the time on my laptop. I know that pain well! for me, it would happen when I'd be designing a photo card for a customer. that's the worst when you have to start over from scratch! well, no worse than you having to start over, just so frustrating!

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Oh bummer!!! Hope you got it worked out girl!

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This is the exact reason I rarely digi scrap anymore. That is just devastating to me, especially if I really love my work. My computer is really bad about it, so I have to save it after every single change. Gets tedious.

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Yep, it is one reason I never really got into digi scrapping last year when I was first introduced to it. My computer was horrible.

My laptop is better and now that the old desktop is wiped clean of everything except PSE, it is doing much better also...

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Thanks ladies for letting me vent! I rebooted and WON! LOL! I got the layout done! PHEW!!!! I use Scrapbooking Factory Deluxe!

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Yahoo for winning! I remember those days- probably why I quit doing digi! Biggrin

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glad it's back up! I could not deal with my pages disappearing...I am too much of a sulker for that. It would only take once and I would probably get ticked off and take it out on Wayne. LOL

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ugh!! Sad sorry girl!! How frusterating!

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"jd6405" wrote:

Thanks ladies for letting me vent! I rebooted and WON! LOL! I got the layout done! PHEW!!!! I use Scrapbooking Factory Deluxe!

YaY!!!! I bet you breathed a huge sigh of relief!!!!! Yahoo