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need your opinions

So I'm trying to get some stuff done or at least planned out before the baby arrives. We're going to have a welcome baby party at our place a couple weeks after the baby is born since my mom was planning a shower and became very ill (and of course we needed to get that figured out first) and it seems my mil and that side of the family want nothing to do with a shower (yet again, part of the ongoing drama with dh's side). Also a couple friends have been asking but most are far away (like states away) or the ones in this area have only known me for less than 2 years so i wouldn't expect them to host one.

So I've been planning some welcome baby invites, announcements, thank yous and those sort of things.
So i need some feedback on the wordings for them.... please help

please excuse any gender references.

Welcome baby invites:
1) Just a little get together it will be such a treat, in honor of someone we would like you to meet! A Baby Shower for (baby's name) and her mommy (my name).
Gifts not required but definitely appreciated.
(this one should i say a Welcome baby party instead of baby shower and should i exclude
my name since it's really about the baby and not me, we just want everyone to get a chance to meet the baby)

2) Dressed in pink And oh, so dear..._______'s baby sister is finally here!
Please come meet the new addition to our family at a Welcome Baby Party honoring _______

3) Cute as a button, And oh, so dear...Our little girl is finally here!
Please come to a party honoring the new addition to our family

4) Love, joy and wonderful dreams
All the sweetest things that a new baby brings!
Please come join us in honoring the new addition to our family.

5) Someone tiny, someone sweet we would like for you to meet.

6) Tom and Sandy announce after long anticipation and lots of preparation, It's time for celebration.

At the bottom of the invites I planned on putting the date/time/location etc and the line about gifts welcome but not required. Also should I put registry information if we do one?

1) ABC and 123... A baby sister to play with me! Ethan happily announces his new baby sister.

2) (Sibling) is proud to say
Baby (Baby's Name) is here to play!

3) I have a new baby sister (brother)
She's (He's) as sweet as can be
I'll be the best big brother (sister)
You just wait and see.

4) Another miracle has happened, so wonderful and true,
a (second) child has been given to us, so precious and so new!

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I like #3 the best (I like the first one, but I don't like the mention of the presents - just personally, if gifts are mentioned, I feel like I HAVE to get one, even if it says not to, iykwim?)

For the announcements ... I can't pick, I like #3 as well lol.

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I personally like 3 for the invites and 4 for the announcements ...great work!:D

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#5 for invites and #3 for announcements!

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I like #3 and #3 or
#5 and #3.

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For the invites I would go with one just about baby and for the announcements I would use a sibling one. I like # 5 short sweet and to the point but really they are all so cute!!!

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i like #3 and #3!