needing thoughts and prayers here too

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needing thoughts and prayers here too

I need them right now ladies. Randy has been diagnosed with craniosynotosis. Our doctor realized it, had a CT done, and called Friday to let me know for sure. Now, we are waiting on a call from Children's, so we can take him up there and they can check it out. I am pretty sure it will need surgery, so please, please keep us in your thoughts and prayers. It's a common thing, but that doesn't make it any easier. My heart aches for my little man, he's just too stinking little for something this big. Thanks ladies.

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Oh Sadie, I am so sorry! Many prayers going out to little Randy and your family!

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:bigarmhug: You will be in my prayers.

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I will be thinking about you all, and I have added you to my prayer list.

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I'm so sorry chick. I will definitely keep you in my thoughts.

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Oh hon! Big hugs and sending good thoughts. That is so scary.

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Oh Sadie I am SO sorry! You and your little man are definitely in our thoughts and hearts.

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Sadie, I'm glad it was caught early. Definitely keeping you guys in my prayers.


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Sadie, I'm glad it was caught early. Hugs to you and Randy! Definitely keeping you guys in my prayers.

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Will definitely be praying for you Sadie!

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:bigarmhug: I will be praying Sadie!

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I will definitely say a prayer for you. And just as a side note, check out the birth defects/special needs board. The ladies are great over there.

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:openarms: You and your family will be in my prayers.

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Sadie, your family is in my prayers!!

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Oh Sadie I am so sorry. Pleases kup and I will pray for little Randy.

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How scary for you. I remember when my best friend went through this with her little girl, it is such an intimidating thing. I will definitely keep him in my prayers.

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we'll b keeping Randy and you all in our thoughts and prayers. hope everything goers well and glad they caught it early

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T&P for you! KUP!

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You and your family are in my thoughts! I hope it doesn't require surgery or if it does he goes thru it with flying colors!

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Saying prayers for little Randy and you all! :bigarmhug:

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Lots of prayers hun.

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poor little guy ! you guys are most definitely in my prayers!! :bigarmhug: