negative space?

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negative space?

Okay, I've been a fan of using negative space in LOs for a while (think Trina's LOs) and I have trouble doing it. DH commented that several of my LOs look 'unfinished' bc of the negative space. We got into a big argument about it and I showed him some of Trina's LOs and he said they don't look good, either. I told him that we have different opinions and that just because he doesn't like it doesnt mean it's 'wrong' to which he replied, "how many art classes have you taken? how many photography classes have you taken?" Apparently his opinion is better than mine. Grrrr..... I told him if he wanted to start scrapping he could - and he could make it however her wanted.

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Lol Using negative space is a style that Trina has mastered! Lol I don't think my DH would like it either though. He is used to a more traditional type of scrapping.

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How funny that you posted this! My DH is the same EXACT way! DH does some graphic design stuff and thinks that white space is useless. He thinks everything has to be in balance and white space doesn't create balance.

I LOVE white space and don't use it enough.

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what!?!?!?!?!! are you freakin' kidding me!? tell him to go create his own pages and you can critique them. everything doesn't have to be filled to the brim. i am a very simple scrapper. honestly, i love simple pages and let all the focus be on your photo. sometimes less means more!

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haha, what does he know! That's funny how they'll intersect their opinions, even if they have no clue about scrapbooking!

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That's interesting ... and thanks for saying I've mastered it Blush I don't think there's any right or wrong way to do scrapbooking, it's a hobby and something to do your own way, and if you like the negative space, then forget your hubby - it's not HIS hobby, even if he is a great photographer. Ask him about the rule of thirds and if he believes in that, most fabulous photos follow the rule of thirds (either deliberately or not) - I try to design my pages using the same theory. If you really want to learn how to do it (without causing marital strife lol), scraplift, scraplift, scraplift, until you get the hang of it.

And tell him I'm hurt he doesn't like my pages ROFL Especially since you have several coming your way in the mail lol.

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It took me a bit to get used to it, but I love it now! I am not near as good at it as you Trina.

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I love looking at other pages that have it, but it's not something I tend to do with my pages. My pages are busy! Lol But I think the negative space actually looks good.

My DH is the same way. Like with photography, he wants the subject completely centered, and if they fill the frame, great! But I like the subject off to the side with some negative space, just love the look. We get into "disputes" about it all of the time. So for the pictures I take for the wall, I center for him. Because it will just bug him otherwise. But I will continue to photograph most of my stuff with the negative space becase *I* like it. Smile

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"coolmama72" wrote:

I love looking at other pages that have it, but it's not something I tend to do with my pages.

Ditto! I feel like my pages just look too empty when I don't fill 'em up, but when I look at other pages that have negative space, they look nice. :shrug: