Never done scrapping, but very interested...

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Never done scrapping, but very interested...

Hello all!!! I am very, very interested in scrapbooking, but am also somewhat apprehensive, as I just don't know where to start. Is there any beginner's book or website that anyone can suggest? Or possibily a list of must haves to start off with. I'm sure most of it can be learn-as-you-go, but my pregnant brain is just not working and I feel a little overwhelmed every time I go to the art supply store and look at all of the stuff!!!:eek:

Thanks in advance for anyones' help!!!!

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My inspiration always starts w/ the photos. I go through my photos 1st and separate by date, event or like-ness (having something in common). Then I choose a background color that makes my photos stand out. Then I choose my embellisments and color-coordinating papers.

To start you off, I'd recommend:
Scrapbook - if you feel overwhelmed, start w/ a 8x8 size book.
A pack of paper (assorted colors, solid, patterned, textured)
Adhesive of your choice (I only have 2, Glue Dots & Glue Stick)
Embellishments (ribbon, fibers, buttons, brads, ect.)

That's the minimum I think you need to start off.

Anyone else have some tips for Kim?!

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you should definitely check out the sticky on this board at the top that says Paper Scrapbooking: tips, supplies ideas (or something along the lines of that title)

It gives alot of ideas and what supplies you really should have right off the start and some that maybe you don't need or can wait on.

definitely if u have a michaels or ac moore around you look at the sunday paper's for their ads and their 40% or 50% off items.

The first things I bought when starting were:
packs of colored cardstock
a couple ink pads
some stickers with sayings and other things i knew i would definitely use (mommy stickers, baby stickers, boy stickers or girl if you are having a girl etc)
also glue stick or double stick tape or any adhesive u want to use
i also bought some patterned papers that caught my eye or were baby related etc
then of course you will want to find all the photo deals you can at retail stores and online so that you don't break the bank printing all those photos
(online sites like snapfish, kodakgallery, winkflash and cvs all give you 25 or so free prints when u sign up- but you might not want to signup all at one time b/c they do expire and u might want more for when your little one is born)

hope some of that helps..... alot of the other ladies on this board can suggest some really great things too

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Thanks!!! Sounds like a great way to start!!! I will probably stop at the craft store tonight, I'm very excited to start....:D

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Welcome to the board, and congrats on your pregnancy!

I just started scrapbooking a couple weeks ago, and I'm hooked. We don't have a whole lot of money, so here's what I got off the bat, and it's working well so far (although I find so many things I want at the craft store whenever I go!):

*Various papers (I got mine at JoAnn's when they had paper on sale 6 sheets for 96 cents - always check for the sales!)
*Cricut paper cutter (about $14) - I am so glad I got it!
*Archival, permanent black pen for journaling
*Themed stickers
*Alphabet stickers (I just started using fonts on the computer and printing them on colored paper - that saves a ton of money!)
*You can use things like cups or other round objects around your house to trace circles and then cut them out (same goes for other shapes). That way you don't have to buy circle cutters or other shape cutters right away if you're on a budget.

I have 3 coupons for 40% off at JoAnn's and I plan to buy some embellishments with those coupons - brads, buttons, etc.

Have fun, and I can't wait to see what you create!

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WELCOME!!!! So glad to have you! Are you expecting your first?

I can't add anything else to what the others' have already said, but good luck and Happy Scrapping. warning though: It can be quite addicting. Once you're hooked, your hooked. Wink

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Welcome to the board, the only thing I can add is make sure everything is acid free!

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Welcome to the board! It has been a while since I paper scrapped so I don't have much in the way of suggestions. I'm excited for you though.

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Congrats on your pregnancy!

I found when I first started that I was super overwhelemed too! But, I went to Wal-Mart (of all places!) and the had a really cute scrapbook (baby themed, of course) and cordinating paper and stickers. I bought just about everything the had that matched and a acid free glue stick and went to work. As I got more comfortable with putting stuff together it was easier for me to invest more money.

But thats just me! Either way good luck and I can't wait to see your pages!

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Congrats on your pregnancy. I am also pregnant 19weeks. I just picked up a book called babies by scrapbook trends and it has some great ideas. It is a little advanced but tells you all the products used on the pages. It covers pregnancy, birth, first milestones ect...
When I first started I always looked at books. Also Becky Higgens sketches is great for starters. Well, good luck!

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Thanks for all the warm welcomes, girls!!! And to those who asked, yes, this will be our first if everything goes well. I've had 3 m/c and am still trying to be cautious, but I just want to do something baby related. It's hard to hold back... I'm waiting on buying everything and waiting on redoing what will be the baby's room, so I figured scrapping might be a good idea. I have many u/s pics and thought that they would be a good start. Biggrin

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You mentioned you have a lot of ultrasound pictures that you may start with. I'm currently working on an ultrasound layout, but I had no idea where to start. Seeing LOs online gives me inspiration. If you get stuck, or just want to check out some neat ideas, I'd recommend checking out and type "ultrasound" in the search box once you get to the layout gallery. There are tons of great ideas! Have fun!