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Hi Ladies!

I would like to create a memory book for my foster daughters before they return home. I do have the Creative Keepsakes software, but seemed to have missplaced the disk. I downloaded Scrapbook Flair free trial, and then uninstalled b/c it wasn't working properly. Then I tried Scrapbook Max, and then uninstalled it b/c it would load a new project. I already have Picasa, but have no idea how to use it to scrapbook. Also, I just downloaded PhotoMix, but am unable to figure that out either.

I have been to several of the free pages and downloaded quite the list of freebies, but I don't know how to unzip the files, or to even use them in another software.

Please help me. Thanks!

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Well, I am not much help here, but I am sure the other ladies can help you.

I use Microsoft Picture It! 7.0. It isn't a creative program, but it allows me to do enough. You have to have a program on your computer to unzip the files. When the files are done downloading, the program automatically opens to unzip my files and I just have to "extract" them to the folder I wish them to be in. I don't know if that makes any sense. HTH!

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Hi Tiffany!!

I wish I could help you...but I can't. I have a basic digital scrapbooking program from my local scrapbook store but don't know how to add the freebies and other things from websites to it ...or unzip them for that matter.

Could you buy a basic kit and do some paper scrapping for them?

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Ah! I'm NO help. I only paper scrap, but there are some SMART girls on this board, so you should be able to get some help. Smile

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To unzip the downloads - you'll need a program called 'Winzip' - I'm pretty sure it's free and can be downloaded... Check your computer first - it's often included - just hit your start button and go to programs, and look for 'winzip'. Actually - if you can go into either 'My computer' or 'windows explorer' and locate the downloaded zipped files - if you double-click on them, winzip will just open if you have it. You will want to choose 'extract' - you may have to highlight all the files to extract them all.

Okay - I just checked - here's the official website, and they do charge a fee:

ETA2: I found this website where it can be downloaded for free - although I know nothing about the site - so be sure to check it out before accepting a download from them:

I'm guessing there must be older versions that can be downloaded, but who knows...

As far as software - I'm afraid I can't help - I use Photoshop - but it's got a higher learning curve than a lot of the 'made for scrapbooking' software packages, I think.

ETA: You can also check out a great website:

The message boards are very helpful - and they also have tutorials, and a free class called 'DSU 101 - Intro to digital scrapbooking' that you can download and read through - it's generically geared toward any program. They also have other classes (for a fee) to get more in depth - I'm in the process of taking DSU 110 - which is geared for people with Photoshop CS2 - they also have a class for Photoshop Elements, and other software packages - each class is tailored to the software you are using, and gives step-by-step instructions, screen shots, etc. I hope that helps!