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Hello, i just wanted to say hello and introduce myself. I am Lynn, new to the site as a whole. I have been reading the topics at the top of the page. I am new to all this digital scrapbooking stuff. I look foreward to getting to know all of you and learning new things.


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Welcome Lynn! These folks know an awful lot about scrapbooking, so I know you will learn as much as I have been learning from them.


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Welcome Lynn!! Glad to have ya join us! Biggrin

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Welcome Lynn, glad you joined us!

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Welcome Lynn! I'm relatively new as well to digital scrapbooking. I started it a year ago and I'm well addicted by now. Smile Have you decided on a program yet? I started with an easy one and switched after a while. I couldn't afford Photoshop, so I got Microsoft's Picture It/Digital Image Pro.

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I have paint shop pro XI on my other computer- but i am freaking lost when it comes to that!!! I also have some scrapbooking program i bought for 10 bucks or so but it is not the best to work with- i cant even remember the name of it (the box was red) Ill have to look around for it and put it on this computer.

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Hi Lynn! Welcome!

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WELCOME! We have a wonderful group of ladies here! You will learn so much! Biggrin

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Welcome! You will enjoy it here!

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Welcome, Welcome, Welcome!! We love having new scrappers join us. I am a digi scrapper as well and I am totally addicted. I'm sure you will be soon too.

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hello and welcome to the board Smile and

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Hello Lynn! Welcome to the board! Can't wait to see your work!

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hey Lynn, welcome! Feel free to scraplift and ask questions. Can't wait to see your work and get to know you here. oh, and is totally addicting!