new to bb but not to scrapbooking

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new to bb but not to scrapbooking

Hello to all, I am new here and was wondering if somebody could help me. I have been scrapping for about 7 years and need to start doing it again. I figured with the challenges you guys post it would help me start up again the only problem is I don't see how to download pages. Any help?

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I'm assuming you're talking aboug downloading pictures to post them in a thread here?

You need an account at, so that you can upload your pictures there. (very easy..) Once you've done there there is an [img] code you can copy from there that you can copy and paste into a thread/post here. Smile I hope this makes sence. If you need more help let me know. Smile

and WELCOME! Smile

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Welcome!! Glad to have you here. Yes, the challenges are a great way to kick start your scrapbooking again.

Like LIz said, you'll need to open an account at (it's FREE) and upload your photos from your PC. Then they give you a code to copy and paste on here.

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Welcome! Hope you figure out photobucket quickly so you can show us some pages Smile

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hi and welcome
can't wait to see some pages

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Hello and welcome!! Can't wait to see some of your pages.

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Thanks to all

Thankyou to all of you for your help. I didn't know about the photobucket thing so that helps. I already have some pages saved on my computer and thought I could send them like an attachment when I posted a reply. Now I get it. I will post my pages soon.

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welcome! I see you started another thread, I will go check it out. Wink