New car seat LO

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New car seat LO

I have been so busy and haven't had a chance to work on any pages. I've been going through major withdrawals, so I decided to do a page before I went to bed tonight. Blum 3

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What a neat idea. I think I have some of Ruthie in her big girl carseat too. I love the colors and buttons.

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Very cute! That's a neat idea for a page!

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Cool carseat!! He looks so little in it doesn't he? Funny how new carseats do that to our babies. Smile

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very cute LO!!!!!!!!

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Cool! Love all the blue Smile

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Very cute! I never would have thought of scrapping a carseat moment like that Wink

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Dirol He's stylin'! I love the colors you chose....the royal blue matches his gorgeous eyes!

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Great scrap! I love how it's out of the ordinary (I've never seen a carseat page before). And gotta love scrapbooking withdrawl! Wink

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I love how the buttons are 'sewn' on!

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I was just thinking about this last week and how I wish I had done something like this.

It's a great idea.

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Cute! You are very good at taking pics!

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very nice! i especially like the letters of the title Smile

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that's a cool seat! love how you did a page for it too. Wink He does look so small in it now, just wait until he's 2 and really fills it out.

I moved Jordan to a convertible seat when she was 2 months old - she was so tiny in it! (she hated the infant carrier seat). I just installed Jack's convertible seat today, he hasn't ridden in it yet. your layout is a reminder that I should get a picture of him in it. (like you, with Jordan I took pictures of her in the seat inside the house, and there is a layout for it. Wink )