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New cards

I'll have to catch up on replies later, kids just got home from school, Natalie's refusing to nap, and the younger two kids have bad colds (there's nothing worse than a congested baby, his cough is so sad!)

But here are the cards I made for my goddaughters, who have birthdays in November. I'm not sure how I feel about the butterfly "trail" - I'm not a fan of doing things freehand like that.

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cute! i like the trail after the butterflies and that scallops are perfect!
(adorable new siggy, btw!)

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I think they are really cute Gwen! Love the butterflies and I think you did really good with the 'trail'.

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Very cute! I love your siggy pic of Jack!

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I love them the way they are!

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I have to share that I used the trial version of Design Studio to do the scallops - I'm definitely going to cut a lot more of those. I'm thinking it might be good for me to buy the real version. Wink

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They are beautiful!! The colors, the designs, all of it. TFS

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:Dthey're terrific!

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oh wow!! Love the buttefly trails! :o SOOO pretty!!!

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I love the trails also and yay for adding an inside pic I am always like where is the inside whenever I see the cards posted.

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those are so cute! I think the butterfly trails look good...I also love the eyelets on the butterflies.

(Tia - I know I never post the insides b/c I usually just handwrite them with sharpie and it doesn't look very fun...that is why i just type what the inside says.)

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I really like them, Gwen!

I think your butterfly trails are perfect! And I love your color combos.

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they're BEAUTIFUL, Gwen! I'm sure they will be treasured. Smile

And your butterfly trails are great.


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Those are great cards, Gwen. I bought some paper with the intention of making some cards, but it has yet to happen, lol.