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New cards

I've made these over the last several weeks and finally got around to posting them.

Had to make two of these:( I think they turned out really nice though.

Found out how to work the end caps feature on Plantin Schoolbook and LOVE IT!

My favorite one. The black is actually a velvet sool!

These were for my parents who have Scottish Highlander cattle. My dad asked, jokingly, if I had a Highlander cut. The yak from Zooballoo was as close as I could get. They got a giggle out of it:D

Their anniversary card.

Here is a pic of one of my dad's bulls so you can see the similaritiy;) That is the bull's name on the pic. It was for a Christmas gift.

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I'm sorry you needed two sympathy cards for friends Sad Are YOU okay? I think you're right though. They are beautiful cards Smile

I LOVE the bull card...oh my word. SOOOO funny and adorable

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The Sympathy card is one of my favorite sympathy cards I've seen. So pretty. I'm sorry you had to make 2 though. Sad

The yak card just cracks me up. I think that's great. Smile

oooh, using the velvetly paper on the ladybug is a neat idea. I'd love to see this one in person.

Great cards...tfs!

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they are all great! I especially love the ladybug and the chandelier!

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Great cards, all of them! Sorry to hear about the sympathy cards. Hope you are ok.

My fav is the anniversary card.

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Wow Lena!!! Your cards are getting so creative! LOVE them. I too am sorry you had to make two sympathy cards...but they are gorgeous. And I love the ladybug. And the bull. TFS

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I'm actually fine as they weren't people close to me or that I even knew, still sad though. One was our Pastor's mother who had a brain hemorrhage and died very suddenly.
The other was Dh's co-worker's father who has been battling cancer for years. He died Christmas morning:(

Veg Da Bull- is cause when he was a calf he was penned near our garden and we would throw all the weeds and veggie tops to him. My brother named him (He was probably 10 at the time) and it just stuck:)

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I agree with everyone that I'm sorry you needed two sympathy cards, but you did an amazing job making them.

How are your birth announcements coming? Any progress?

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Birth announcements are as far as I can get them without knowing the gender:)
The base is cut as is the scallop for it, but I can't add the colored ribbon, monogram, pic, or stats till baby is here.
It shouldn't take me long to put them together when the time comes though!

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those came out really nice. I need to save the first one to my lift folder, I always struggle with sympathy cards and that looks really nice. and I'm cracking up about the yak, love how you did their anniversary card with it. Smile that ladybug is too cool!

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I agree, I love the sympathy card but I'm sorry you needed 2 of them! :bigarmhug:

And you did the bull justice! Smile That's a very hairy bull - what kind is it?