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new cards

Anniversary card for my parents. Inside says "The rest is history" Cuts from Graphically Speaking.

Birthday card for my aunt. Inside says "...that it's your birthday" Cuts from Home Decor.

Birthday card for DH. It's a Nittany Lion since DH went to Penn State. Cuts from Paperdoll dress up...with a little creative trimming. Inside says " to wish you a happy birthday"

Thanks for looking. Details on my blog if you want more detailed description (

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That middle card is AMAZING.
I'm assuming that's patterned paper with the bird/branches added?

Very creative work!

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Those are great. I love that second one, its beautiful!

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Love the saying inside the first card and the 2nd card is just beautiful!

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"MommyMish" wrote:

That middle card is AMAZING.
I'm assuming that's patterned paper with the bird/branches added?

Very creative work!

Yeah, the colored flowers, etc. are the patterned paper (it is from DCWV spring mat stack). The brown branches and the bird are from Home Decor cart. It was super easy...thanks to that paper!

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That middle card looks AMAZING!

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The title on the first is darling! and so creative! Love it!

And WOW that second card is amazing. Brilliant to use the paper and add just a few cuts.

I bet your DH loves that card!!! I love when cards are so personalized like that. It always means so much when I receive one. That was VERY creative of you! way to think outside the box.

Thanks for sharing these! I love them!

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GREAT job Lauren. I agree that the middle one is really great. I really am beginning to love that paper dolls cart.

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Ditto what everyone else said!

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I love all of them! that first is so creative, love it. the second is just gorgeous and that last one is too cute. Smile

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These are really great! I like how you have the greeting on the left hand side of the first one. I'm going to have to try that!

And I agree with everyone else...that second card is stunning!

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I had to lol at the 'the rest is history'-that's cute Smile