New Cards (Pictures)

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New Cards (Pictures)

Baptism Cards (Hired to make- person who bought them took pics for me because I forgot)

50th Wedding Anniversary for a church member

50 cut from heritage cart.

Thank You for my grandma who bought my cricut (and sent me more money when she found out I bought a more expensive machine then originally thought.)

I believe the gate is heritage and so is the sun. House is Don Juan? Many thanks is Jasmine. Everything else is freehanded by me.

80th birthday card for a church member

Moments cut from wall decor.

That's all I got done during our 7 hour crop, but I spent a lot of time showing off how to use the cricut and helping people cut out stuff so it was all worth it!

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Those are all so pretty. Your Grandma is so nice to send you more money to cover the extra on the Cricut! I love all of these, but I think my favorite is the 50th anniversary one!

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50th anniv is my favorite. You did a great job on everything though!

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Great job! I really like the thank you for your grandma. That was sweet of her to send more money.

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Those are lovely! I like your Grandmas card especially. Smile

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I knew you were gonna rock the cards once you got that machine! You already did so awesome before! Love them all but have to say the baptism ones are my've always been so great at Christian cards. TFS

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These are great! LOVING the 50th anniversary one and the many thanks one! Great job!

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your grandma sent you more money?! that's awesome, what a sweet grandma. Smile

the cards look great, LOVING that anniversary card!