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New challenge...

I was wondering if you all wanted to add another Challenge/project to this board?

I was thinking we could have each member post 1-3 of their pictures that they would like scrapped on a page with a little description of the pictures. Then the rest of us could scrap those pictures and see what each of us comes up with. We can then email the full size picture/mail the page to them. We could do this every other week? What do you think?

If you like it...I'll start a list and we can start it this weekend!

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good idea! I would participate if I had high speed, full pages are usually way too big for my piddly little connection... would be fun to watch though Wink

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that sounds like a great idea!!!

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Would that only work for digital scrappers? Or both? Sound like a good idea.

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"BabyBallem" wrote:

Would that only work for digital scrappers? Or both? Sound like a good idea.

i was wondering the same thing b/c i would love to see what someone could do with my pics, but i don't really do digital so i'm not sure how i would do someone else's pics?

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I won't be able to make someone's page, but I would love to see what other's would do with my pics! I only paper scrap..... Sad

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We could do would be like a Random Act of Kindness Challenge.

If you paper could just print out the pictures, scrap them, and then take a picture of your page just like you've been doing. If the person wants the pages...I can PM everyone her address and you can send them what you've done.

Also, each person will need to specify what size they want the layouts to be so that we can help keep their books uniform.

Is this OK with everyone?

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I think it's a good idea.

But as being a former mod on the other board the only problem with the address thing is only the moderators can collect and send out the addresses. It's more for a form of privacy and protection of the members. So maybe, it might be better if the person likes someone scrap pages, she pm's them that she wants them and she can give her address if she is comfortable with it --- I don't know. I just know the addresses can be a bit tricky scenario.

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That would be fine...safer too! I wouldn't have a problem working it that way.

So, if you want to join in on the challenge...PM me and let me know. I'll create a list and we'll start this weekend. Biggrin

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I would like to also join. I have only paper scrapbooked, but this might help me get started with digital.