New digi layout - Baby Arwen

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New digi layout - Baby Arwen

Its not great but nice & simple, just did a fast one.

Journaling says: She loves to
-Play with Platypus
-Snuggle in the Boppy
-Raise one eyebrow
-Wear her bunny feet outfit
-Cuddle Gage's stuffed Clifford
-Play with her toys

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I really like it. Like you said, simple, but very cute. Biggrin

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Awww, how precious! I love the pictures and the selective coloring. Great job!

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That's great! I love the "she loves to" journaling!

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that's great!! love the pink bits on the frame and then on the journalling Smile

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that's cute! only thing missing is either her age or the date. I just feel like we need to know that if we're going to know the other things about her. Wink

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Very nice! I love those fuchsia accents!

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The pink and black really make this page pop. Good idea!!

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LOL These were pics from the old digital camera which sometimes worked & sometimes (most of the time) didn't work, it was given to us for free. It was an HP digital camera but it had been dropped or in water or something? So it was hit or miss as to if it would work or not. Someone gave it to Michael for free. Well at the time I didn't know anything about digital pics or printing or anything. So I have a bunch of the digital pics on an old CD that I have NO CLUE when they were taken! This is one of 'em. I have no idea how old she is here. I can't even take a guess - i know the outfit was a 3-6 month, but it is big on her here. I think she might have been 4 or 5 months? The date on the picture is not helping either - it keeps showing up as the day I opened it from the CD!

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