New and Excited!

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New and Excited!

Hello Ladies!

I am new to scrap booking entirely. I never considered it as a hobby but I have seen some seriously cute designs since joining this site so I am going to have my hand at it! I will be doing digital scrap booking, probably only using Photoshop as I am familiar with that program and we already own it. I have a DS who is 4 and 2 dogs and 2 birds who will likely be the themes of most of my stuff!! Plus I am expecting again so this will be neat to be into when LO finally arrives! I am really excited to get started, but I am low on starter ideas so I may start with the challenges and see what I can come up with.

Just wanted to introduce myself around here, look forward to getting to know you all and seeing your work!

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Welcome Becki! I see your from my neck of the woods. Smile Once you start, you can't stop. LOL

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Hi Becki! Hop on in!!!

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Hello there! I'm fairly new too and all these ladies are great!

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Welcome to the dark side. Bwhahahahahahahaha. Wink

Seriously, it'll be nice to see some more scrappers around here. We like new people. Welcome!

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welcome to the group!! Yes this group has some truly great and talented ladies. I'm still constantly learning from them.

So just jump in whenever and join the fun

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Welcome! I'm also a Digi gal, using PS CS2, so if you have any questions, let me know and I'll try to help!

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Welcome! I am so glad to see new people joining. I can't wait to see your first page and congrats on your pregnancy!

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welcome Becki! I love your excitement!!! can't wait to see what you create, it's addicting. Wink

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Welcome!! Glad to have you here! I am a digi scrapper too, although I use paint shop pro. You are going to love it!

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welcome i am somewhat new to it also

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Welcome! I'm sure you will get addicted. Digital is so great when you have little ones. I love it. I started just after DD was born and have grown more and more addicted in these 2 years!

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Welcome to the board!

I do digi as well. It's VERY addicting! Jump right in and share! Smile

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welcome! i love seeing the digi pages so im excited to see some of your work! Biggrin

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WELCOME Becki!!! Glad to have you!! Jump right on in! Smile