New "favorite" board section

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New "favorite" board section

One of the new functions on the site is the ability to post your favorite boards in your profile. Here are the directions from Nytewind. I tried it this morning and added some additional clarification/directions in italics.

When you log into the site you can edit your profile to include your home page, and under that area is a text box that you can place your favorite links in. You can share your favorite articles and links by making sure that you have Display favorites button checked. She is talking about logging into the main site. Go to the homepage and choose to login on the left. Login with your username and password. If you can't login, try having your password reset. I had to do this. Once you login, you can edit your profile.

You can either place the web address directly in the box or Place a Text link in this box a text link would be coded like Scrapbooking board (without the stars) BBC will not work within your main profile

If you have troubles, let us know and we will try and work through it with you

By the way, there is also the ability blog now too.

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thanks! I'm going to try to figure it out hopefully tonight!

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The link is actually*">Scrapbooking board

The one ending in 111 is Signing with baby, 231 is Scrapbooking Smile