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New here..

hello everyone. I am Laura, I have been a scrapbooker for many years now. I do both pic and digital scrapbooking (mostly pic) - I like to sit down and actually handle the pics and don't love sitting at the computer all the time.

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Hi Laura ---

Welcome and congrats on your new soon to be little one.

My name is Dee and I've been scrapping for maybe 3 years now. I'm not great but I enjoy the paper scrapping. I want to try the digi at least once to make up my mind. I'm sure dh would love it if I owuld do digi so then there will never be a mess on the table Lol

looking forward to getting to know you.

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Dee I also think my DH would like me to go digi also for the same reason..However, then he would be upset cause I am on the computer all the time and using up the memory!! Biggrin

I love the paper scrap. cause you can take it with you and you can share it with family that doesn't have a computer. Unless you want to pay the price to have 8x10's printed all the time.

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Welcome! I love that we have a mix of paper and digi scrapbookers on here.

I actually started digi scrapbooking because DH kept packing up all my stuff and putting it away. He hates clutter. It is rather nice to not have boxes of crafts sitting around. I was never good at the paper scrapbooking anyway.

As for cost, it does cost a little to have them printed. Costco prints are about $1.20 for an 8x10, but in many ways I save money because I'm not buying papers.

I kind of envy paper scrapbookers because it looks so real, but as I said above - I'm not very good at it.

I can't wait to see a picture of some of your pages.

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Welcome. I also paper scrapbook. I do want to try digital, but I already have many paper supplies. Honestly, I find shopping for the supplies as much fun if not more than scrapbooking.

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Welcome, I paper scrap too, I have a digital program but don't use it very often.

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Hello and welcome!
My name is Kelly and I have been scrapbooking for about 8 months. I only do digi scrapbooking and I really love it. I started digi instead of paper because I live in Germany and scrapbooking hasn't really caught on here so there isn't much of an opportunity to buy any supplies except through a catalog and I didn't want to do that.

But, given the opportunity I don't think I would switch to paper. The computer just suits me better.

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Thank you all for the warm welcome! I will try to get some pages scanned into the computer in the next week...if not i will have to take digi pics and upload them...

I usually do the 12 x 12 size albums....

I just wished that I had more time to work on my albums, however, keeping up a house and then redoing another plus kids activities and a toddler keeps me very busy... Sad

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Welcome! I too love paper scrapbooking. But I've never tried digital, and I'm sure I would like that too, but I enjoy cutting and thumbing through photos and ribbons. And making a mess. Wink Jump right into our challenges...we just started our second. Hope to 'see' you around a lot.

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Hi & Welcome! I'm Desiree & I enjoy paper scrapbooking as well, although I would like to try digi sometime. Congrats on your new little one - you're due on my birthday! Smile

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Hello Laura. I am Sadie. I just posted my intro on this forum yesterday! CONGRATS on the addition!

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hi there. I have been digi scrapbooking for 1 month now. My husband would implode if I found another way to clutter up the house so digi it is! Plus there's so much free stuff out there you really don't have to spend any money on supplies.

lol jlp262... I'm the same way with collecting downloads Lol