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new here

hello all! Biggrin

I have been lurking a bit today checking out what's done around here. I have always been somewhat interested in photos and scrapbooking but have never done much with it. I recently have been given two bit scrapbooking kits and don't know if I should go for it or wait til I have kids and see if that sparks my interests further. lol Problem is, my husband bought me a computer scrapbooking kit and I LOVE that. Can you actually get quality, long-lasting pages by printing off what you have designed on the computer? And do you then glue the page into an already bound scrapbook or what? I'm so lost. lol. I do love it though...designed some pages (quite a few really) a while back with it but since i didn't know if it was worth printing them I've left it all alone. Hope to get to know you all soon

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Hello and Welcome!!

I don't do digital scrapbooking, but I'm sure the pages you get printed last just as long as paper scrapbooking, because they will be printed on acid free paper.
Can't wait to see your work...share away. Biggrin

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Welcome!!! You should go for it! It's fun! And then...when you have kids you'll have all the basics and have tons of ideas flowing!

When you get your pages printed you don't need to glue them onto paper. You would just slip them into a page protector! They have 3-ring binder type albums or post-bound albums which also have page protectors.

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Welcome!! I am rather new myself and just started doing digital. I have yet to print any out so I don't really have any advice there.........I think that I am just going to send away to have one of my pages printed and see how it turns out and then submit the rest for printing if it looks good. I think in the digital FAQ there is a listing of places that print the digital layouts.

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Welcome!!! I think the PP"s have given you all the advice I could think of. Smile It's a great hobby to get into.... and it's great to involve kids in when they are older. Can't wait to see your pages!

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:wavehello: I do both digi and paper. I have only printed one digi though so I am not much help! You got some good advice from the pp though! Can't wait to see some of your work! Biggrin

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I do both and I print my digi layouts at home. I scrap the digital ones at 8x10 inches, print them out and then glue them to a peice of 8.5x11 cardstock that matches the layout. I center the print right on the cardstock and stick it in the scrapbook right beside my paper layouts. They look great and sometimes you have to touch it to determine if its paper or digital.

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I print most of my digital layouts in book format. My first book was about $45 for a 25-page layout (8 x 8 ). My second book was 100 pages and about $100 dollars. It would have cost me more than that to print the pages individually and buy a book for them. I love the look of having a book printed. I've printed pages individually through costco as well and they come out well. For Mother's Day this year I am printing a few pages for each mother/grandmother and putting them into scrapbooks then I will send them more pages over time.

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Welcome! I don't digi scrap, so no advice for you there, but have fun scrapping, and I hope we can see some of your work soon!

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Welcome! I love digi-scrapping, and I always get my pages printed at Costco ($2.99 for a 12x18 sheet). They print on regular photo paper - I've found printing them on matte paper makes them look better. I scrap 12x12, and I put a 12x12 layout with 2, 6x6 layouts on the sheet to give away to fill up the space (all you have to do is cut them after). I put them in albums after - I buy the ones that already have the page protectors, I just take out the paper and slip the layout in it, and voila an album.

If you're looking for a place to start, there is a great sticky at the top of this board for digi scrappers and where to start, it's really helpful. The advantage with digital is that there is no mess, you don't have to pull out all your supplies to do pages and the 'mess' is contained on your hard drive. The downside to digital is you spend half your time downloading kits, unzipping and organizing instead of scrapping (downloading freebies is addicting, then once you'e been doing it awhile, the freebies aren't 'good enough' and you start buying stuff). Good luck!

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