New here..

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New here..

My name is Michelle and im new to the scrapbooking thread and even new to scrapbooking. I just started a month ago. I had my baby girl March 3rd, 2008 and though scrapbooking would be a great way to keep her pictures and I hope she will like it when shes older. Here are some pages...they may look weird because my scanner sucks and I had to scan the page in half the cut and paste them together so you can see the whole page (make sence?) Anywho remember im still a beginner Smile

Thanks for looking

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Those are great pretty good for your first pages

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Those are great!!! Welcome to the board, your new daughter is beautful!! Love the flip-flop picture!

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I think those are awesome, even for a pro! I love the colors in the first one. The water paper is fantastic in the second and the flip flop pic is too cute in the third.

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Those are great! My daughter's middle name is Presley. I just love it! I really like the picture with the three pairs of flip flops. That's really cute. I've been trying to decide what kind of layout to make for my daughter's bath... I may have to "scraplift" your idea. Smile

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They are really nice! You did a great job. And I love the flip-flop picture too!

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wow! They sure don't look like they're from someone new! GREAT JOB!!! Biggrin Looking forward to getting to know you better on here.

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Hi Michelle, welcome! You pages are great! Your daughter is beautiful.

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Welcome and NICE pages!!! Your daughter is ADORABLE!

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Welcome! These are great pages. Your little girl is so cute! I love her little smile.

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I would never have guessed those were first pages. Welcome aboard. You're very talented.

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Those are awesome, I can't believe you just started! Are you digital or paper scrapping?

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:wavehello: Glad you are joining us! Those are great LOs, and really great for your first ones! LOVE the last one!

BTW...sorry I was late to this.

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Welcome!! Glad you joined us! Smile You did great on the pages!