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New here

I would like to join you ladies. I've always wanted to do scrapbooking, but never really got around to it. I've got a 8.5 month old DS Jaidyn, and I want to start a scapbook for him. I like the idea of your monthly challenge. I'm hoping to start on a page today, and I will post my results as soon as I'm done. Smile

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Hello and welcome Laura! Glad you joined in! Can't wait to see your first page. Biggrin Your son is so cute!

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Good luck and have fun. Just a warning, it's addicting. I did my first page when my son was eight months old. Now I have about a thousand dollars invested in scarpbook materials.

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Jaidyn has got a beautiful smile!

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Welcome! I can't wait to see how your first page turns out.

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hi Laura!!!!!