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New here

Hi everyone *waves*

my name is Tara and thought I'd pop over and see if I could join you

I am NEW to scrapbooking
I have been trying to decide if I want to do paper or digital
then I remembered I had a disk from ages ago but never knew how to do it so..... I tried again and figured it out
and it wasn't that hard at all

thought I'd share my first two digital scrapbooking pages EVER!!
they aren't the best since I'm just learning
maybe I need to upgrade--heehee

anyway I'm looking forward to meeting everyone and sharing great ideas and great pages

please tell me if I'm doing something wrong because the pictures look a little blurry to me is that the pixels or what??
I'm up for some helpful tips and suggestions

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Those are great! And your daughter is beautiful.

Oh, and welcome!! :wavehello:

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Welcome! We love new scrapping friends. Dirol I love the colors and layout on the second page. Good job!

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Cute pages. What program? I'm pretty sure you just need to save in higher resolution.

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Great work! Welcome!

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Welcome Tara! Glad you came over Smile
My name is Kelly and I have a son Tristan, 17 months.
Can't wait to see more of your pages!!

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"mommys" wrote:

Cute pages. What program? I'm pretty sure you just need to save in higher resolution.

art explosion scrapbook factory--its kinda old and hopefully I can upgrade soon Smile

Thanks for the wonderful welcome everyone Smile

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Just got back from vacation!

Hello! I am Sadie. I have a DD-Ruthie. Nice to "meet" you!

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Welcome!! I'm pretty new here myself so maybe we can learn together.

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hi there!!! Smile i'm delia and i have jeena who's 17 months old!

love your first pages!! i especially like the second one.. love the background!!

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HI, sorry i didn't say hi earlier... Biggrin welcome!

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hello and welcome! Smile