New here - about to start my first project!

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New here - about to start my first project!

Hi ladies!

My name is Sera and usually I'm over on the April 2008 birth board. One of the ladies suggested I come check out this board since I'm about to embark on starting my very first scrapbook!

Since I'm new - here's a quick bit about me. I'm 24, married to my DH, also 24, and we're expecting our first baby (a girl - Kaylee!) on April 30th of this year. DH is a teacher and I'm a social worker.

My first project is going to be a baby book for Kaylee. I looked at several pre-made ones in the stores, and they just weren't what I was looking for, so I decided I'll make my own. I plan on designing it with some fill-in-the-blank type things as well as some photo-themed pages. My current ideas are ... pages about mom and dad (i.e. birthplace, hobbies, baby picture and current picture, etc.), how we met, fun things about the pregnancy, a page for belly pictures, and then pages to fill in once she's born (milestones, playing, first birthday, etc.).

I love being creative and designing things, so I think I'm going to have a blast. I hope to get to know you ladies better, and I am already addicted to this board - you all have such talent and have amazing ideas!

I would love to see pages that you did for baby books or for your babies, and if you have any ideas or suggestions for the baby book I'll be working on, I'd love to hear them! I'll post pictures when I finish some pages.

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Hi Sera! I'm glad you've joined us! I'm apart of the April 07 board and lurk on the April 08 board once in a while. I started a book for Tyler! Here are the threads on all the pages of Tyler's book, if you are looking for ideas. Smile

Ok, sorry for all the different threads, I've been posting a page(s) here and there when I get them done. I'm trying to make sure I have at least 2 pages from now on in each thread! LOL Hehehehe!

Can't wait to see your work and your new LO (little one, there's also lay-out)! Congratulations!!!

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Welcome! Congratulations on your expected little girl. You will be blessed!

Scrapbooking is wonderful. I tend to jump around in my scrapping so I've only finished one book so far and that was about Andrea's birth. I actually did a whole book about her birth. It had a pregnancy page, a baby shower page, and lots of pages about her birth and first 24 hours in the hospital. Maybe you want to include a page to journal on about her birthstory, etc.

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Welcome!! Congratulations on your upcoming Bundle of Joy! How wonderful!! I like her name too. Smile I started out just wanting to hit the "milestones" in Kayson's baby book, but pages just kept coming and coming, and soon I had two books full from his first year. Lol You are warned: it can become very addicting. lol Since you love to create already, you're gonna have a blast!! When I get a chance (I have a very active 15 month old, so I can get more done after he's in bed.) I will post some pics from his babybooks.

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Thank you for your replies already!

I spent a really long time in Jo-Ann fabrics today (I was so overwhelmed with all the paper!), but I came home with a beautiful scrapbook and several papers, as well as some scrapbooking photo tape.

I plan to start some pages about me and DH in these next couple of days, so if I finish one, I'll post it. After seeing all the fun scrapbooking stuff in the store, I think I'll become an addict pretty quick.

Thanks again for your ideas!

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Welcome to the board, and btw you picked a fab name for your little one to be, my youngest is Kaylee Smile . I can't wait to see your work.

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I wanted to agree with Charys and say it IS VERY ADDICTING! Lol We have a GREAT group of ladies on this board who do both digital and paper scrap-booking. Everyone has their own style, but all of them are wonderful. I love getting new ideas from our ladies!

I can't wait to see what you come up with! I do a yearly scrap-book. This year was my first. I didn't let my DH see it until New Year's Eve. We had a blast looking through it! I have only done 2 pages for this years and I am itching to do more!

Here are some links to my pages:


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hi and welcome Smile
I think they have all said it best by it being very Addictive but oh so much fun!!

congrats on your new baby--children make the best subjects to scrapbook (thats why I do it Wink

can't wait to see some of your work Smile

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Thanks again for a nice welcome, and for sharing more of your ideas. I got the last of the supplies I think I'll need to complete my first page, so hopefully I'll have it done soon and post it for you all!

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