New Here and a few LO

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New Here and a few LO

My name is Jennifer (24). My ds just turned 1 his name is Bryce. I have been scrapbooking as I have time since he was about 3 months old. I'm working on his first year as well as various other little projects (hopefully). With our new babe on the way I figure I need to put a move on it and get working otherwise I will be so far behind. These are two of my first set of pages I ever did.

On this first one I still have a few details to add like his birth stats.

This second one was a little hard for me to do since we had no costume for him and these were the only photos

Can't wait to learn lots!


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Welcome aboard! Biggrin Glad you joined us! Good job on the pages.

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Hello! Glad you are joining us! We have a great group of women here who will give you TONS of new ideas! Trust me! Wink

I love the title to your Halloween page! Too cute! Your DS is one cute little boy and I can't wait to see more of your work!

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Welcome Smile

Those are great pages! Too cute Smile

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Welcome! Your pages are great! I love the little skeleton guys at the bottom of the Halloween one!

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Welcome, your lo's are great.

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Love your LO's and your little man is SO cute!!!

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Thanks everyone I finally got a space for me set up in my house so once I get all my plain paper back from my mom I can get started again. I've got so much to do.

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Welcome and I love the pages, they are so cute and simple.

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Hi ther! So glad you could join us! I really like you LOS. Thanks for sharing!

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welcome! can't wait to see more pages. love the special delivery, that's great! and I had to smile that you got pictures of Bryce with the plastic pumpkin and then made a page - that's a scapper for ya!

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Hey you have a great start there! Keep scrappin!

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Hi and welcome!!
great pages
I love that little broom in the halloween Lo--cute

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What a sweet little guy!! I can't wait to see more of your LOs!

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Beautiful pages. Welcome!