New here! With a question....

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New here! With a question....

Hey girls!
I have been a lurker on this forum for a while, but I'm taking the plunge and jumping in!

I am one of those people who have been purchasing scrapbooking "stuff" on clearance, etc. for well over a year or two......and I have finally started actually making some pages!

My first few look more like photo pictures on a page with a title, not very creative.

I've been looking at lots of stuff online, especially this forum, and getting ideas of where I want to go with my scrapbooking.

My first question is...when using buttons, how do most people adhere them to the page? Someone suggested "sewing" them to the page, and I also heard that spray adhesive works well. Actually, I'd like to know how to adhere anything that's rather heavy like a button or something metal, to paper.

Thanks girls......I have been so impressed with all of your talent, I can't wait to be up at your level Smile

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YAY!! Glad you joined us! Looking forward to knowing you better and seeing your pages.

This is probably going to make the other girls choke ;), but as long as the button is not touching the photo, I use regular Elmer's glue. If the button is touching a photo I will use my strongest double sided adhesive. I really want to try sewing on my pages, as I've seen that and it looks fabulous!

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Wow I never even thought about Elmer's glue!
I'm a teacher so I've got tons of that laying around Wink


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I haven't used buttons yet. I want to, but I have to go buy some first. I was curious about how to attach them too. Biggrin

I am glad you decided to join us. Can't wait to see your work. When I first posted on here, I was soooo embarrassed to show my pages. They were NOTHING compared to what these ladies do, but I am learning A LOT from them and I am sure you will too!

Oh yea, I am Sadie. I am 22 with one DD-Ruthie. All my pages are about her so you will get to know her fast! Wink

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What about glue dots? Don't they make some that are thicker that you could push a button into? I only have 'flat' thin glue dots - I've used those for ribbon, etc.

Actually - now that I think about it - I did have some fatter (thicker) glue dots - because my niece used them for her science fair display - she used them to adhere pennies to her posterboard - with no problem whatsoever.

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Those are all great ideas!
I can't wait to make a page that I'm not too embarrassed to show....LOL Biggrin

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I just used buttons for the first time over the weekend and I used glue dots.....seemed to do the job;)

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Hey! If you get a button page done, join us on our Challenge #7. (Sticky at top of board) Smile The more entries, the merrier. We always get such great ideas from eachother and it's fun to see everyone's creativity. Never think a page is "not worthy" posting, because everyone has their own unique style and that's what makes scrapbooking so fun!!

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I use glue dots or scrappy glue ( just a drop will hold it)

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I use glue dots and they work perfectly.