New here...quick question

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New here...quick question

Hi there,

I've been paper scrap booking on and off for a few years but have yet to complete one album. I've started my nieces album (her first year), our wedding album, our recent vacation (my entire family went on a cruise together), and now that I'm expecting a baby in May I've started thinking about her album.

I just recently heard about digital scrap booking and I LOVE THE IDEA! I'm a total computer geek and think this is the perfect way to get an album completed. I've already started a collection of embellishments, paper, ribbons, etc. all saved on my computer.

My question is...has anyone created an album containing both paper scrap layouts and digital? or should one album only contain either paper or digital? I wasn't sure if it would look funny having a mix and match of paper and digital. I really don't want to give up totally on paper scrapping especially since I've got SO much stuff and I love getting together with girl friends for crop parties but like I said before I LOVE the idea of digital scrapping!

Any comments/suggestions would be great!

Thanks, look forward to talking to you ladies and getting lots of ideas!


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I only do paper, but knowing my personality, I wouldn't want to mix digi w/ paper! LOL Though, once your LO arrives you are going to have LOADS of pics, I don't think it would be a problem to create 2 books for her. You could do 1 book for each month and the other book for each moment/milestone (so 1 could be paper and the other digi). But really it's up to you! Digi pages might look great right up against your paper pages......GL and congrats on your LO!!!

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I don't see anything wrong with mixing them, but that is just me. Some people print their digi pages, and then add some embellisments to "add" that extra something, so maybe that's a thought too! GL and I can't wait to see what you come up with!

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I have a mixture of both in my albums. I primarily do paper, but I do like to dabble in digital. So I have those pages printed and just slide them right into the book. Most of the time you can't even tell they're digital, it's wild!

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I think it's totally fine to mix them! Another idea...after you get your digital pages printed you could add a few embellishments like a brad, button, photo corners, etc. to it to kind of tie the two types of pages together!

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I would think that by printing your digi pages and adding embellishments would be fun!

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Shelly (momandteacher) does just that...she prints her digital pages, then adds embellishments to them. I think it looks great!
Personally, I wouldn't mind mixing at all. Kayson's albums are such a hodge-podge of colors and papers, nothing matches, so it wouldn't matter.

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I don't think it matters. It depends on your style though and how much of a perfectionist you are I would think.

Welcome to the board! I hope you will stick around and share with us.

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Thanks everyone for the warm welcomes and wonderful suggestions! I defiantly like the idea of just adding a few embellishments when the digital pages are all printed out! Smile I think that'll look wonderful!

I've been so excited to start this new adventure of digital scrap booking! I'll create a new post with a few of the layouts I've done already! Smile

Thanks again!