New here, ? for you.

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New here, ? for you.

Hi Ladies,
I've lurked here from time to time and everytime I do i get excited to see your projects. I actually don't do any scrapbooking due to work, school and kids but it's def. something i would like to get into. Im really thinking of getting the cricut (ever since i saw the infomercial, thank goodness i didnt get it then) but which one do i get? The xpression or the personal? Its funny because its a smaller version of my husband's machine (he owns a sign business) which cuts vinyl and i know the xp cuts vinyl as well. I also own my own business and I think the cricut would come in handy for making labels and tags. Also with dd#1, im sure she'll be wanting to use it for future school projects etc. I've also seen the cuttlebug, scizzix etc...but cant quite make up my mind. I just lost out on an xp w/accessories cuz i wasn't sure. Well thanks for letting me ramble. Oh and I'm part of the sept'06 bb.


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I have no advice for you as I'm not a Cricut owner...but I wanted to say welcome anyways!!! Welcome!!

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Welcome to the board!!! I have the cricut expressions and I love it, I'm glad I went with the bigger one because one day when I decided to do a big project I'll be able to, meaning cutting something bigger than 6x12.

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I have the Sizzix and mainly use it for just letters. I couldn't really give you a recommendation since I've never worked w/ a Cricut or any other machine likes these.

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I have the regular one, and it's perfect for me, but if I had my own store or something where I would be using it more, I would get the bigger one! HTH!

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welcome to the board
I have the smaller one and I love it--it works for me
good luck with whatever you choose