new l/o: midlife madness

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new l/o: midlife madness

It's taken me a long time to put this one together (mostly b/c I couldn't get copies of the pictures, but that's another rant), but I'm so proud of it now that it's done. Sorry the pictures are less than ideal. One of these days I'll figure out a good way to photograph my l/o's. Wink

full spread:

left side:

right side:


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So cool! Is that you?

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Nice job! That looks really great! Really, is that you? Smile

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Thanks so much ladies!

Yes ... that is me (in the white/black uniform). I dunno what came over me, but as I got near my 37th b-day back in October, I found myself rushing to participate in a jujitsu tournament. I studied jujitsu about 10-12 years ago and did various other martial arts at various stages of my life. but mostly, this was just a wild idea that stuck in my head and is how I spent my b-day this last year. Smile Midlife madness ... indeed!



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wow totally awesome

good for you

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What a fun LO. I love it.

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This is one of the most fun layouts I've ever seen! REally! I love the whole idea behind the page, the moment you captured and the true feelings it conveys! Love it!

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What a great moment to capture! Great job.

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Great lo!!

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Very well done. I too love everything about it. You did an amazing job on capturing it all! Biggrin

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GiGi, that's AWESOME! Love the layout, but love even more that you chose to spend your birthday that way. And look at you, you won! That really is awesome! Bet Carlos and Lolo were so proud!