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New layout

Been bored today apparently, here is the second one I did today. Thanks for looking!

This is, simply, us. We didn’t get dressed up, we’re wearing our grubbies, but this is the true, every day us. Lacey, Bill and Kenner were visiting from Knoxville and we hosted a campfire at our house so we could all spend some time together. It was a fun time, and we decided last minute to do a family photo, grubbies and all. Not exactly a typical family ‘portrait’, but it’s us and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Click on the photo for credits.

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I really like it Biggrin

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Cute! I like the theme of the page.

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Ooooooh, the barnwood background matched this LO perfectly! I love it! Again, awesome LO.

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Oooooo I like it alot!

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That's wonderful!

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i like it! and i like how the pictures not formal... it just shows who you really are!

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oh, that's great! I love the journaling and the fact that the photo captures the family the way it always is. Smile

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Simply or not, your family is beautiful. What a great memory. I am convinced that impromtu pictures like that in the end turn out better because there isn't the same stress that there is in making a formal picture "perfect".

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LOVE it! I think those make the best family photos. Forget dressing up! Wink

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Great work!! I too love that about true honesty captured. Smile TFS

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Such a touching moment. It's those that you treasure more, I think.