New layout - funny! (XP)

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New layout - funny! (XP)

My dd and her 'poopy' face. She is gonna HATE me when she grows up! :LOL:

Kaitlyn, at 6 months old we got a picture of your ‘poopy’ face. It really makes us laugh how hard you concentrate when you’re ‘doing your business’, so we nicknamed you the "Super Pooper".

Click on the picture for credits.

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Oh gosh, Trina! That is super cute! LOL

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hahaha awsome!

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that is such a funny topic for a page...but don't all LO's have that face that every parent knows? haha! it's so true...I have never captured it on camera. Very cute LO Smile

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hehe love the layout it is very adorable and funny!!

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that's a riot!!!! I love that you did a layout for it. Wink

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What an interesting and cute idea. TFS your great work!

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That is funny and a perfect page. Yes, that will be an awful page for her as a teen, etc. Lol

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Cute page but she is going to hate it when she gets older

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I LOVE it!!!!! So funny!!! I just cracked up when I saw it. Smile She is going to hate that later on..... Wink

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very cute:)